The Sophomore Season

There is so much to get excited about as the G-Braves embark on a second season.  Many players are back with the Braves, and while many will end up in the majors, look for a few choice players to return to Gwinnett and the newly named Coolray Field.

You can be sure we are going to see some of Clint Sammons, J.C. Holt, Jordan Schafer, Diory Hernandez, J.C. Boscan, Luis Valdez, James Parr, Brooks Conrad, and Mariano Gomez.  Along possibly with new comers Brett Clevlen, Mike Dunn, Jesse Chavez, Brandon Hicks and Mitch Jones.

But how about Jason Heyward?

If you read the articles and the blogs coming from the Atlanta media, you probably think the Braves former first round draft choice from Henry County is the next coming of Hank Aaron.  He might be.  But I have never heard so much hype in my life.  Heyward is a very mature, intelligent young man.  If anyone can handle the hype, he can. 

Know this.  Heyward will be in the outfield in Atlanta sometime during 2010.  But will it be in April to chance a repeat of the struggles Schafer had, or will it be in June to succeed like Tommy Hanson?  One thing to keep in mind, the earlier the call up in a career, the earlier arbitration comes in the future.  It may come down to a case where two months in Gwinnett is the smart business thing to do.  Then again…if he is the next Hank Aaron…

I’ll be back on the air in 2010 with each and every Gwinnett game, home and away.  I appreciate all the kind words during last season, and look forward to another great summer with one of the true class organizations in all of professional sports.

One comment

  1. zombar

    We go to most GBraves home games, and hope we get to see some of Heyward this year. A 450′ homer like the one he hit yesterday would be impressive to watch clearing the berm in right and breaking through somebody’s window!

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