Go Go Gomez

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL-I’m not sure who is going to be on the Gwinnett Braves roster when Spring Training concludes in a few weeks, but I think it might be safe to say  that Mariano Gomez will not be one of them.

The big lefty from Honduras has looked splendid at major league camp, and has performed quite well.  Thus far Gomez, in five outings, has an ERA of 3.18 and one win.  And as Leo Mazzone told me, he looks good, has a deceptive delivery and you don’t need to have an over-powering fast ball to be effective.

Gomez was a solid part of the G-Braves bullpen last year.  He ended with an ERA 1.99 and an 8-and-4 mark.  Pitching Coach Derek Bothello called him the biggest steal of the off season when the Braves got him from the Twins in 2009. 

As last season unfolded, Gomez prospered.  When Boone Logan got the call up to the Braves during the middle of the season, Gomez basically got the shaft. 

Now he is making the most of his chance, and, combine with the fact that Logan is gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if he stayed in Atlanta.

That brings us to who probably will pitch for the G-Braves this year.  Expect to see James Parr and Todd Redmond back for a second year.  They have already been sent to minor league camp.  Lefty Jonny Venters should be back with the G-Braves this season.  He is in major league camp.  I saw him pitch this past week, but the Braves probably will opt to give him a full year in Triple A.  Vladimir Nunez is in camp again.  It would be great to have him back with the G-Braves, but I like “Nooney” and want to see him with another chance to be in the majors.

Others you will probably see in a Gwinnett uniform this season who you remember from 2009:  Stephen Marek, Jon Huber, Jeff Lyman, Kevin Gunderson…and possibly Jo Jo Reyes.

Scott Diamond could be with us.  He had five wins in Mississippi. 

The minor league guys have broken into different groups.  The first games are tomorrow and I will know more.

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