Tales of the Road 2010: Strasburg, Snow and Syracuse

PAWTUCKET, RI-Thanks to global warming, what turned out to be a great weekend for yours truly turned ugly in a hurry.  I have only one thing to say:  Al Gore can take a hike.

Not to bore you with person plights, but this past weekend in Syracuse was one of those rare moments in my life where my personal commitments crossover with my baseball commitments.

One of my sons, Jon Michael was set to graduate from UGA on Saturday.  I was in Syracuse.  Thanks to Judd, I was able to do both.  I flew Judd to Syracuse Friday so he could do the game Saturday.  I flew back to Georgia Saturday morning, enjoyed the day in Athens, and then flew back to Syracuse Sunday morning.  Everything was going according to plan, until…

It SNOWED in Syracuse.

The game Saturday afternoon in Syracuse went only four innings and then was rained out.  Sunday’s game, scheduled for a 2:00 p.m. first pitch, was snowed out.  It was called early.  The plan was for Judd to start the Sunday broadcast, I was to arrive and he would leave to return home as I finish up.  However, thanks to the SNOW—IN FREAKING MAY—and the game being called early, the team left on the bus for Pawtucket…early.  So by the time I arrived in Syracuse, they were long gone.  So, a rental car and 175 bucks later I pull into Pawtucket ready for the broadcast on Monday.  Oh well…

Anyway, while in Syracuse I did get to see number one draft pick Stephen Strasburg pitch.  He basically one hit the G-Braves Friday night.  Is he as advertised?  Oh, yeah.  He’s great.  But we’ll see how he does against major league hitting.

I also got a chance to see my good buddy, Jason Benetti.  He’s the play by play voice of the Syracuse Chiefs.  He’s a very talented guy who graduated from Syracuse.  And like many of the Syracuse University grads in our business, he does not have a sense of entitlement.  Jason also works in the offseason as the play by play guy for High Point University basketball and also can be heard as the studio host on the Georgia Bulldogs football broadcasts from ISP. 

It was great seeing Jason.  Good being able to see Strasburg pitch.  But they can keep Syracuse and the cold weather in May. 

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