Tales From the Road 2010: Freezing in July

Toledo, OH-Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio is still my favorite place to go on the road in the International League, even though they tried to freeze me out during our recent four game series.

The weather in Toledo was perfect; mid 70’s, very few clouds if any, and low humidity.  It was a four game series that was wonderful.  The fact we swept the Mudhens made it even better.  However, life in the press box was another matter.  It was freezing.  The air conditioning vent above my head was stuck on high.  Full blast high.  And it wasn’t until the final game of the series did they fix it.  So, during the first three games, I was on the air in a hooded sweatshirt.  The good people at Toledo (and I am NOT been sarcastic, they are good people), did their best to tinker with the system to warm things up.  It was only during the last game, did the temperature become bearable. 

But once the temperature in the radio booth warmed up, so did my insides.  The final day of the series, I made the big mistake of going to Packos.  It’s the restaurant made famous my Jamie Farr during his years on M*A*S*H.  Packos has great food.  Great Hungarian food.  It did not sit well on my system.  So the final day at Fifth Third Field was a day of warming up on the inside and the outside.  Whatever was in the food that I ate at Packos At The Park covered every canal in my body for the entire day. 

That was a shame.  Toledo is great.  Play by play guy Jim Weber is one of my favorites, and merchandise director Craig Katz is a good friend and a first class guy.  But to them I must have seemed like a wimp from the south.  Either freezing to death, or complaining about my belly.  It was a series I would like to forget on a personal level, but one that hopefull put this team back in the right direction for the rest of the season. 

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