Tales From the Road 2010: Goodbye Freddie

Unless it’s a rehab assignment, Freddie Freeman will never play in the minor leagues again. 

That thought hit me as we embarked on the last road trip of the season, and Freeman stayed behind in Georgia to join Atlanta.  Freeman is special.  Not just as a player, but as a person.  He never looked 20 years old at the plate, but he was every bit the 20 year old kid in the clubhouse.  He joked a lot.  He laughed a lot.  He smiled a lot.  He had reason to.  I remember during our four game trip at Lehigh Valley, Freddie was so hot it was getting silly.  Everything he hit seemed to drop in; ground balls had eyes; pop-ups fell beyond the reaches of infielders.  It was incredible.  I walked into the clubhouse after one of the games and looked at him.  He looked back and we both burst out laughing.  No words exchanged, we both new what was going on.  A hitter does not get that lucky with out a combination of talent and hard work.  And that’s what Freddie Freeman has.

As this 2010 season draws to a close, I will remember it as the year Freddie Freeman, the International League rookie of the year, took his first step toward super-stardom.  And I was there for every swing.  As any 20 year older would says:  “Like, pretty awesome, man!” 

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